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DiviDragon - Building
Passive Income

DiviDragon shows your progress building passive income from dividends.
The value and yield of dividend-paying stock fluctuate over time. We help you keep track of things.

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what is dividragon
what is DiviDragon?

What is DiviDragon?

DiviDragon helps you build a passive income from dividends. We do that by showing your personal progress over time, showing how much income you can expect in the future and relevant market data.

If you have already invested in dividend stocks, you've experienced how hard it is to keep track of your investments and payouts of all the stocks you own. The value of Dividend-paying stock fluctuates over time, dividends can be raised, lowered or suspended and restarted at any time. Some dividends are paid monthly, others quarterly, bi-annually or annually and sometimes additional one-time dividends are paid. Often, your portfolio is spread out over multiple brokers and they focus mainly on capital gain, not on passive income. Manually keeping track of your passive income quickly becomes a chore.

That's where we come in. We simplify this process by keeping track of the dividends and their history for you. We do that for all symbols on NASDAQ and NYSE. You only need to provide information about the stocks you bought or sold, and we'll show you how much dividend you should have received, how much dividend is coming up and when you can expect it. We'll also show you the history and growth of your passive income over time and how balanced your portfolio is.


How Much Is It?

If you sign up, the first month is free and after that you will pay $10 per month.

Of course you can cancel your subscription any time you like, right from within the application. No fuss.

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Is It For Me?

If you are already investing in dividend paying stock or if you are interested in starting, or if you are just looking for an application that offers the most important dividend information in a single place, DiviDragon is for you.

If, however, you have no interest in ever investing in dividend paying stock, DiviDragon is not for you.

Why would I invest in dividend-paying stock?