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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find a set of commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please drop us an email.

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Sure you can. Just sign up and the first month is free. If you want to continue using it after the first month, the application will ask you to subscribe. If you do not subscribe, your account will be inaccessible and after 3 months all your data will be removed automatically.

Just $10 per month or €10 per month, depending on your region.

You can cancel any time, straight from the application. From the moment you cancel your account, we will no longer charge you. You'll keep having access to the application for as long as you've paid for and after that we will lock your account and within 3 months we'll automatically remove all of your data.

We actually purchase the data from Xignite. As our user base grows we intend to purchase more market data for more regions so the value of having a DiviDragon membership will keep growing as more members join.

We're only a small team and our first focus is to get DiviDragon working as well as we can on the desktop. But we do recognize the importance of having insight in your portfolio on the go, so we will absolutely work on mobile support as soon as we can.

Well, you can manually enter your orders if you like, which should work for all brokers. But we also offer a very generic CSV import that can be used if you have a large portfolio going back many years. On top of that, we are always working on additional import functionality for more brokers. Each broker works differently and requires their own specific way to connect or to import their data. As the number of DiviDragon members keeps growing, we'll monitor the most popular brokers and keep building more integrations.